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decoration items


Numerous products made of wood are part of the area of decoration article.  A broad product range is demanded by natural raw materials, such as birch branches, up to products manufactured from wood.  It is also possible to produce your request which are not our base assortement.  We offer the following sub-categories:

- Birch plates / Tree plates - wooden plates with 1,8-2cm thickness and diffrent sizes
  Ideal for decoration or using by florists
- Branches, bars and tree trunks
  Birch branches, birch bars, lianas, ...

- Decoration items made by wood - for decoration or further processing
  Wine boxes, Deko ladders, wood rabbits, hand-carts, teakettle lamps, birch bark, ...

- winter decoration - special for winter time
  Sledges, stars, firs, birdhouses, candles, ...


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