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Pet supplies


We offer also numerous products for domestic animals and reptiles. For example decorating woods and vines in different explanations for the Aquaristik and Terrariums, but also accessories for rodent. We are even further at improving to also fulfill your wishes.

- Aquaristik / Terraristik - decorating woods and vines
  Mangrove, Mopani, Savanna wood, vines, revolved lianas, phelloderm and much more
- Accessories for rodents - made of spruce or birch
  Birch tubes, birch caves, hay hay racks, haycarts, rodent houses, food troughs and much more

Moreover, also numerous products from the area of decoration article can be used for this area like such birch plates, birch branches and baskets.


You are interested on more information for this products? Please send us an email ( with your contact details and we will send you our catalogue and pricelist by mail.